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Qualicare Zinc Oxide Tape 1.25cm x 10m

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Atheletic and sports tapes help to protect your muscles and prevent unecessary strain by keeping your tendons, muscles and supporting internal structures firm. It also helps to prevent chafing and provides extra grip to help you hold securely weightlifting bars, dumbells, kettlebells etc. 

Can be used as grips for heavy lifting, compound lifting such as deadlifts, squats, olympic press etc. These tapes can also be used to hold pads and other sports and protective equipment in place. 

These tapes are non-stretch/non-conforming and so are useful for strapping and fixation. Zinc oxide a strong adhesive  to offer a firm hold and security and a smooth easy unwind for easy use.

Areas of existing injury such as lacerations on hands, palms, knees etc can also be covered in the ZO tape to protect where you are currently vulnerable and allow you to continue your sports and fitness activities.

ZO tapes can also be used as bindings for rackets, bats, hockey sticks etc.


Non Stretch

High Tensile Strength

Premium grade cotton

Zinc Oxide Adhesive Layer

Ideal for medical use of fixing medical equipment, holding in place, tubes etc

Strapping - crossfit, boxing, MMA, sports

Binding on equipment - bats, rackets, hockey sticks

Immobilisation of joints, fingers, toes

Available in 1.25cm, 2.5cm and 5cm widths

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