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Outdoor cabinet 4000 yellow polycarbonate

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Introducing the Defib Store 4000 Outdoor Defibrillator Cabinet – a true fortress for your life-saving defib in any outdoor environment.


Defib Store 4000 Outdoor Defibrillator Cabinet - Ultimate Protection for Your Lifesaver

Elevate your preparedness with our 4000 defibrillator cabinet, meticulously engineered to conquer even the harshest conditions while ensuring quick access during critical moments.


Key Features that Set the Defib Store 4000 Apart:

1. Unwavering Durability: Crafted to endure the most challenging surroundings, this cabinet keeps your defibrillator shielded, secure, and poised for action.

2. Intelligently Designed: Equipped with a thermostatically controlled heater so your defibrillator remains ready for use despite the elements. The motion sensor LED light ensures you can locate it swiftly, no matter the time of day.

3. Enhanced Security: The marine-grade stainless steel keypad lock and the robust polycarbonate construction offer foolproof protection. Rest easy, knowing your device is accessible only to those who need it.

4. Unmatched Resilience: Unlike any other, the 4000 model is the sole polycarbonate defibrillator cabinet that can endure high-impact forces, is fire-retardant and resists UV degradation from direct sunlight. Count on it to maintain its vibrant hue and structural integrity over time.

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