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Febreze Air Freshener 3Volution Refill Spring Awakening 20ml

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With normal plugs we get used to scents quickly, which means we eventually stop noticing the scent around us. Febreze 3Volution air fresheners solve this problem by continuously and automatically alternating every 45 minutes between 3 complementary, high quality scents, for a continuous fresh experience. Use the Febreze 3Volution refills only with Febreze 3Volution devices, sold separately, to fill your home with air freshness and fragrance that you will keep noticing day after day, week after week. And for instant freshness, try the full range of Febreze products with the odourclear technology, such as Febreze Fabric Refresher, Air and Car Freshener.

Febreze 3volution refill with Odour clear technology continuously cleans away tough lingering odours

Leaves a light fresh scent for up to 90 days (if used 12 hours a day at minimum setting)

Air freshener 3Volution plug refill

Spring Awakening is a light green fragrance inspired by springtime natural freshness of Lenor

Doesn't mask but truly cleans away tough lingering odours, leaving a light fresh scent

Use with Febreze 3Volution device. Each refill lasts up to 90 days (if used 12 hours a day at minimum setting)

3 scents alternate every 45 minutes so you always notice them; Adjustable scent intensity

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